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From the desk of President

They say life is about the journey, not the destination but when it comes to securing education in today's competitive world, it`s vital that you get both : A rich and rewarding ''journey'' through your school years, and a successful ''destination'', whether you immediately enter a professional course or opt to pursue advanced studies.

I'm glad that you've chosen to take a look at Transcendence International School. Here we help each of our students build a bridge to their future by offering a dedicated faculty, unparalleled opportunities, lively civil discourse, and a celebration of learning both in and outside the classroom. Adventures, sports, co-curricular activities, study exchange programmes each of these and more can be part of your personal experience here.

So I invite you to relax and take a few minutes to learn about TIS through the words and images on these pages. Meet some of our students and share their impressions and experiences. Find answers to the questions you may have. Imagine yourself in the remarkable setting of our campus. Get a feel for who we are and what can be yours. We think Transcendence International School is an ideal place to live and learn. If you think so too, then please visit us.

With warm regards

Nasir Jamal
Hon’ble President
Transcendence International School, Chakia