Questions & Answers

  • Q. Where is the School located?

    The School is located in Chakia, Bihar. The Campus is a 5-minute drive from Railway Station and 10-minute form Bus stand.
  • Q. What is the School's curriculum?

    The School is activity oriented and is affiliated to CBSE. Currently, the school is functional up to class IX.
  • Q. Are all the instruction only in English ? Are there other languages offered?

    English is the language of instruction at large. Hindi is taught as second language. Sanskrit and Urdu are introduced as third language from Class V.
  • Q. What is the student teacher Ratio?

    Average strength is 32 students per class. The student teacher ratio is 1:25.
  • Q. What is the age criteria for admission at various levels?

    Age criteria for academic session 2016-17
    Class Age as on March 31, 2015
    Nursery 3+ yrs
    Kindergarten 4+ yrs
    Class 1 5+ yrs
    Class 2 6+ yrs
    Class 3 7+ yrs
    Class 4 8+ yrs
    Class 5 9+ yrs
    Class 6 10+ yrs
    Class 7 11+ yrs
    Class 8 12+ yrs
    Class 9 13+ yrs
    The School is currently inviting applications for admission to Classes Nursery to IX for academic session 2016-2017.
  • Q. What extracurricular activities are offered?

    The School offers a wide range of activities including sports like: - Cricket, Basketball, Table-Tennis, Volley Ball, Swimming etc.
  • Q. What other extracurricular programs are offered?

    Other co-curricular activities include Gymnastics, Theatre, Yoga, Aerobics,Martial Arts, Robotics etc.
  • Q. What is the length of the School year?

    The School year begins in April and ends in the mid of March.
  • Q. How long is the School day?

    The School day begins at 7.00am to 1:00 pm in summers. The winter timings are 7.30 am to 1.30 pm.
  • Q. Is there a PTM or parent teacher meetings?

    The School organizes regular Parent Teacher interactions wherein maximum participation of the parents is encouraged. In addition, parents are free to contact the school or teachers as and when required. Prior appointments can be sought through the school almanac for detailed interaction with the respective teachers.
  • Q. Does the School offer transport for students?

    The School offers transport to all children. Safety and Security of the children is the prime concern of the School. I cards & Disclaimers have been issued to the parents as security measures.
  • Q. What is unique about the School ?

    The School attempts to create leaders with a difference. The key skills which the School aims to develop are the sense of belongingness, responsiveness and rational decision making. Independent thinking and creativity is encouraged at every level. In addition to cultivating a passion for learning, the School aims at building every individual's character with a sense of civic responsibility.


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The website is under Construction will be abailable soon.