Picture of Chairman

From the desk of Chairman

In an intensely competitive world of date there is an urgent need to start as early as possible and make children ready for the world of future. Even today is not late our aim and main object of teaching is not to explain the meaning but to knock at the door of the young minds. We believe in an early start. It is the right time today the first step for your child’s bright future in Transcendence International School. In past the people of the place had to suffer due to the lack of good schools, leading to stagnation in the growth of the city of Chakia. But with the arrival of Transcendence International School , the problem / suffering is ousted once for all and the students will live with ease. Of course the support of honourable citizen of the place is must.

At last but not the least , I must say that "No road is long with good company". So please visit us for total satisfaction.

With warm regards

Rashid Jamal
Hon’ble chairman
Transcendence International School, Chakia