About Our Organisation

Transcendence Educational Trust is a pioneer in quality education. With an in house R & D division and by far the best team in academia dedicated to the consent upgraded schooling fraternity. This school is a dynamic educational community created by the committed faculty. The medium of instruction at the school is completely English.

The vision of the school extends beyond the narrow walls and text preparing and equipping young people for life, And not just for school with this philate environment where children enjoy learning and are encouraged and challenged to be a part of the curriculum.

We say
We will not teach you
We will just train you
You have a raw power
We will just shape it and
We assure you, you will feel yourself
To be the toughest guy within a period of time

The destiny of India is now being shaped in the classroom. Modernisation, if it is to be a living force must derive its strength from the strength of the spirit. The future of society will depend increasingly upon the type of choices each individual makes. This would naturally depend upon the sense of values…..while a combination of ignorance may be fertile, that of knowledge with lack of essential values may be dangerous.